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Published in:   Vol. 4 Issue 1 Date of Publication:   June 2015

Segmentation of Tiles Image Using Various Edge Detection Techniques

C.Umamaheswari,R.Bhavani, K.Thirunadana Sikamani

Page(s):   10-14 ISSN:   2278-2397
DOI:   10.20894/IJDMTA. Publisher:   Integrated Intelligent Research (IIR)

Segmentation is a major step in image processing. Segmentation subdivides an image into its constituent regions or objects. Image segmentation segments the object from the background to understand the quality of the image properly and to identify the content of the image carefully. Segmentation can be done as Edge-based segmentation or Region based segmentation. Edge based segmentation considerably reduces the amount of data and filters out useless information, while preserving the important structural properties in an image. Since it is very much needed to have a good understanding of Edge based segmentation. In this paper an attempt is made to study the performance of most commonly used edge detection techniques for edge based image segmentation. The comparisons of these techniques are carried out with a tiles image as an experiment by using MATLAB software.