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Table of Contents - Volume 4, Issue 1,2015 Full Paper
Microcalcification Classification in Digital Mammogram using Moment based Statistical Texture Feature Extraction and SVM
K. Sankar, K.Nirmala
DOI:10.20894/IJDMTA. Abstract) | Total Views:253
Correlations Based Rough Set Method for Diagnosis and Drug Design using Microarray Dataset
Sujata Dash, Bichitrananda Patra
DOI:10.20894/IJDMTA. Abstract) | Total Views:240
Segmentation of Tiles Image Using Various Edge Detection Techniques
C.Umamaheswari, R.Bhavani, K.Thirunadana Sikamani
DOI:10.20894/IJDMTA. Abstract) | Total Views:229
Manufacturing Process Optimization using Data Mining Techniques
R Shankar, M Sundararajan
DOI:10.20894/IJDMTA. Abstract) | Total Views:242
Prediction of Heart Disease using Neural Network with Back Propagation
S.Radhimeenakshi, G.M.Nasira
DOI:10.20894/IJDMTA. Abstract) | Total Views:238
Human Mood Classification Based on Eyes using Susan Edges
M Prasad, M R Dileep, Ajit Danti
DOI:10.20894/IJDMTA. Abstract) | Total Views:235
An Enhanced Approach of Building Extractionfrom Satellite Images Using SOFM & MRF Model
P.Karmuhil, Latha Parthiban
DOI:10.20894/IJDMTA. Abstract) | Total Views:230
Prediction of Human Gender based on Two Level Decision using 3 Sigma Limits on Neural Network
M R Dileep, AjitDanti
DOI:10.20894/IJDMTA. Abstract) | Total Views:237
Clustering Algorithms for Outlier Detection Performance Analysis
S. Vijayarani, S. Maria Sylviaa, A.Sakila
DOI:10.20894/IJDMTA. Abstract) | Total Views:241
Compression of an image using Wavelet Transformation with Unsupervised Learning Approach
A.J.Rajeswari Joe, N. Rama
DOI:10.20894/IJDMTA. Abstract) | Total Views:232
Data Mining Classification Algorithms for Hepatitis and Thyroid Data Set Analysis
S.Vijayarani, R.Janani, S.Sharmila
DOI:10.20894/IJDMTA. Abstract) | Total Views:247
Overviewof Data Mining Techniquesand Image Segmentation
P.Sujatha, K.K.Sudha
DOI:10.20894/IJDMTA. Abstract) | Total Views:226