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Table of Contents - Volume 5, Issue 2,2016 Full Paper
Leanness Assessment using Fuzzy Logic Approach: A Case of Indian Horn Manufacturing Company
Pradeep Kumar Balasubramanian, K Hemamala
DOI:10.20894/IJDMTA. Abstract) | Total Views:198
Market Basket Analysis using Improved FP-tree
Abhishek Priyadarshi, Chirag Gupta, G Poornalatha
DOI:10.20894/IJDMTA. Abstract) | Total Views:189
An approach for Breast Cancer classification using Neural Networks
D. Gladis, S.Vijaya
DOI:10.20894/IJDMTA. Abstract) | Total Views:184
A Study on MRI Liver Image Segmentation using Fuzzy Connected and Watershed Techniques
A.S. Thenmozhi, N. Radhakrishnan
DOI:10.20894/IJDMTA. Abstract) | Total Views:176
Survey on Segmentation Techniques for Spinal Cord Images
S.Shyni Carmel Mary, S. Sasikala
DOI:10.20894/IJDMTA. Abstract) | Total Views:177
Comparative Analysis of Weighted Emphirical Optimization Algorithm and Lazy Classification Algorithms
P. Suganya, C. P. Sumathi
DOI:10.20894/IJDMTA. Abstract) | Total Views:165
Performance Evaluation of Feature Selection Algorithms in Educational Data Mining
C. Anuradha, T.Velmurugan
DOI:10.20894/IJDMTA. Abstract) | Total Views:149
A Review of Edge Detection Techniques for Image Segmentation
S.Jeyalaksshmi, S.Prasanna
DOI:10.20894/IJDMTA. Abstract) | Total Views:133
Genetic Based ID3 Classification Algorithm Diagnosis and Prognosis of Oral Cancer
K.Jamberi, E.Ramaraj
DOI:10.20894/IJDMTA. Abstract) | Total Views:144
Weather Impact over Uttarakhand using k-Means Clustering Technique for Cloudburst Prediction
Deepalakshmi, J.Karthikeyan
DOI:10.20894/IJDMTA. Abstract) | Total Views:133
Efficiency of k-Means and k-Medoids Clustering Algorithms using Lung Cancer Dataset
A.Dharmarajan, T.Velmurugan
DOI:10.20894/IJDMTA. Abstract) | Total Views:129
Data Mining @ Information Age
M. Arunmozhi, R.Usha
DOI:10.20894/IJDMTA. Abstract) | Total Views:149
Finding influential healthcare interventions of different socio-economically and educationally segmented regions by using data mining techniques: case study on nine high focus states of India
Partha Saha, Uttam Kumar Banerjee
DOI:10.20894/IJDMTA. Abstract) | Total Views:176
A Survey on Educational Data Mining Tools and Techniques
A.S.Arunachalam, T. Velmurugan
DOI:10.20894/IJDMTA. Abstract) | Total Views:16
Image Segmentation Based Survey on the Lung Cancer MRI Images
S. Perumal, T. Velmurugan
DOI:10.20894/IJDMTA. Abstract) | Total Views:11